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Paragon Innovation Summit 2.0

360 virtual event

Paragon Innovation Summit 2.0

We built a 360 virtual event with custom 3D environments for Paragon annual hiring event Paragon Innovation Summit. it can be accessed using modern browsers (safari, firefox, chrome) on any devices such as smartphones or desktop. Users can walk around take photos inside a photobooth, read all about the different divisions, explore the galleries, watch live videos and join seminars. There are also gamification system where users can earn points and prizes by visiting every booth. The virtual exhibition has 5 main areas, lobby a hub area where users can choose where to go, live stage where users can watch live videos of talk shows and concerts, exhibition room where users can see all the different divisions and products in Paragon, gallery where Paragon showcase all the different partners and collaborators work, and innovation space where users can see what seminars are ongoing and join them.


Everidea Interactive


March 27, 2021

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